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Death threats to MP Gajendran, Jaffna University community

[TamilNet, Thursday, 21 January 2010 10:21 No Comment]

A group calling itself ‘Tamil Protection Alliance to Save the Country’ issued Tuesday and Wednesday handbills threatening with death to Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian, Gajendran and the Jaffna University community for engaging in activities condemning some elements in the university for supporting Mahinda Rajapakse in the forth coming presidential election, sources in Jaffna said.

The handbills, dropped in the university environment by two helmeted motor cyclists, specifically warned MP Gajendran and his brother Ravindran with death threat while commanding Gajendran to leave the country at once.

Magistrate Ilancheliyan and his brother Ilampiriyan are also supporters of Liberation Tigers like Gajendran and his brother Ravindran, the handbill said,

Gajendran will meet the fate of Joseph Pararajasingam if he fails to leave the country, it warned.

The above group which operates on the directions of Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Intelligence Unit and a Tamil paramilitary-cum-political party continues to issue death threats to the media persons in Jaffna peninsula, sources in Jaffna said.

On an earlier instance similar death threats were issued to 13 persons including representatives of Jaffna University Student Union (JUSU), faculty deans and lecturers and one of them had been shot and seriously injured.

The handbill also warned the parents of university students not to allow their children to take part in political activities but to keep to their studies.

It further said that the parents should remember how such undergrads and school students were killed for their active participation in ‘Pongku Thamizh’ demonstrations in the past.

The people of this country enjoy freedom now but Gajendran and the university community are leading them on the path of destruction and we will not permit this, the group warned in the handbill.

This is the last warning to Gajendran, it said.

Though governments change our hands which took up guns will never rest and they will always target these persons, it further said.

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