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Voting Mahinda or Fonseka is submission to Colombo-centric system

[TamilNet, Sunday, 24 January 2010 18:50 No Comment]

Eezham Tamils need not bother much about the outcome of the presidential elections. Whether Mahinda or Fonseka matters the same, says a senior journalist in Jaffna. Only the war criminals, their international abetters and the geopolitical competitors have to worry about the elections and it is their problem. Tamils have to concentrate in organizing their own polity and in demonstrating it. But if they abstain from voting there are people waiting to stuff the boxes. If Tamils want to register opinion and see neither of the main candidates get 50 percent they should cast the first vote to a third person and of all the candidates the moral obligation of Tamils is to vote for Dr. Vikramabahu Karunaratne. Looking upon the Colombo-centric system is the curse of Tamils for ages and instead of destabilising it any participatory politics amounts to only submission to the system, he further said.

Further comments from the journalist translated from Tamil:

The main candidates of the Colombo-centric State and the international stakeholders of the State in Colombo try through various ways, ranging from the release of Tamil hostages to the lure of reconciliation, ultimately to see Tamils submit to the very system that enslaves them.

Some stakeholders advising full participation of people in the elections for a democratically ‘united Sri Lanka,’ managed to orchestrate timely shows of interest in war crimes to influence Tamil voters on one hand and legal actions to balance with Sinhala voters on the other, in insinuating the choice.

Talk of the genocide that took place and is taking place is a taboo for the stakeholders because any recognition of genocide will automatically justify the need to destabilize Colombo-centric State.

Media bought over in the island and in the diaspora bombard our ears with talks of elections as though it is the salvation point. While according to some honey and milk now flow in the island, others harp on ‘regime change.’

A main problem with the Eezham Tamil nation is its fancy about Colombo. Right from 1920s, of the times of William Manning’s Constitutional Reforms and Ramanathan brothers’ demand for a seat for Tamils in Colombo, the pre-militancy Tamil leaders bungled the national question, because of this fancy for the Colombo-centric system.

The Tamil national question is not going to be resolved as long as Colombo’s system dominates the island.

But, an influential section of Tamils, including their middle class, have accumulated even their meagre capital in Colombo. In addition, a section of diaspora hawks secretly harbour the desire to use the situation for its association with the Colombo-based flow of capital. Naturally the pulse of these sections will go contrary to the pulse of long-struggling nationalism in the North and East.

Stakeholders will not take care of destabilising the system but will always work for buttressing it and shaping it to suit their interests. Concerned people only have to take care of it

Countering Colombo-centric system is not only for the liberation of Tamils but also for the liberation of the Sinhalese.

If the point is realised, then both Tamils and Sinhalese have to identify the right candidate who comes near to the point and is consistent to it, to register their opinion, coming out of the din of the main contenders for the throne of Colombo.

Whatever small it could be today, only the strength of this registered opinion will help in future the true reconciliation of the nations of Tamils and Sinhalese, whether they become two nation states or not.

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