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Simran back on TV

[Galatta, Sunday, 21 February 2010 13:41 No Comment]

image Simran sure misjudged Kollywood when she announced her comeback. Sims was the glam-gal who ruled the roost in Tamil cinema right till the day she got married. So after she had her baby and shed some weight, when she decided to get back on the silver screen, she thought offers would pour on her. That was not the case. The actress has since landed two or three supporting roles, none of which made much of an impact. Television however, has been more enthusiastic. She had her own TV series for a long while, till she supposedly hiked her fee to a huge amount. Also, from time to time, she had been gracing the small screen in some interesting roles. The latest we hear is that she will have a special appearence in a Telugu serial.

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