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Shriya pays fine of 5 lakhs

[IndiaGlitz, Sunday, 14 March 2010 18:32 No Comment]

image Many times it happens in Kollywood that actors sign a film, take an advance and then delay giving dates. This drama is a nightmare to most of the producers. Even if the actors later decide not to do a particular film getting the already paid advance back is nothing less than an ordeal for the producers.

But Kathiresan who produced ‘Pollathavan’ was not the one to take it lying down. After ‘Pollathavan’ film Kathiresan signed Shriya for a film and paid her an advance of ten lakhs. But Shriya was not in the position to do the film and so  delayed giving dates. Kathiresan waited for long to get alt least the advance money back from Shriya. After much struggle he took his case to Producers Council. Then after hearing both sides Shriya was asked to pay the advance of 10 lakhs along with a fine of 5 lakhs to the producer.

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