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Tamil party renounces demand for Independent homeland

[Times Online UK, Monday, 15 March 2010 06:15 2 Comments]

Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party has renounced its demand for an independent Tamil homeland, but vowed to launch a Gandhi-style civil disobedience campaign for greater regional autonomy.

In a manifesto for parliamentary elections on April 8, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) also pledged to lobby the international community to help the islands’ Tamil ethnic minority following the defeat of the Tamil Tiger rebels last year.

The TNA used to be the political wing of the Tigers, but has been forced to re-invent itself since the end of the 26-year civil war.

"If the Sri Lankan state continues its present style of governance without due regard to the rights of the Tamil-speaking peoples, the TNA will launch a peaceful, non-violent campaign of civil disobedience on the Gandhian model," the party said.

"Power sharing arrangements must be established… based on a federal structure in a manner also acceptable to the Tamil-speaking Muslim people," it said.

The Tigers launched their armed struggle in 1983 to create an independent homeland for Sri Lanka’s Tamils to protect them from discrimination at the hands of the ethnic Sinhalese majority.

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  • K. Nadaraja said:

    What TNA seek is to share power with Sinhalese rulers. They are not interested in the well being of the Tamils. Like the Sinhalese rulers TNA are stooges of American, European or Chinese capitalists. What they want is to improve thier business with the help of Sinhalese rulers. Tamils must study the struggles of Palestinians, North Vientnamese and Cuban liberation struggles,and not the capitalist strugles of Gandi.

  • Sivarathinam said:

    I am pained to note that all Tamils in Srilanka are like ‘Nellikaai Moottai’ All are speaking in all directions.First they should all shut their mouths.They should select one common leader and obey him even if he is wrong. Every year that leader should be elected/re-elected.One who gets large number of votes should be the leader.Others should keep quite until the date of next party election. Such a practice should be there for 10 years at least. Studying all the prevailing circumstance I can suggest they should adopt a stand of ‘Non-Buddhism’ Because we must divide Sinhalese majority on religious line.