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IDPs accuse SLA soldiers of plundering their properties in Ki’linochchi

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 17 March 2010 08:41 No Comment]

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Pachchilaippa’l’li Divisional Secretariat area in Ki’linochchi district who had been to their places accused occupying Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers of plundering their properties and taking the spoils in their vehicles to South during night time. Parts of houses like doors, door frames, windows and felled valuable timber are being taken away to the South by the soldiers, they said. Besides, the fertile coconut plantations in the area which remain unaffected by war are being plundered and the proceeds take to Jaffna peninsula by the soldiers, they further said.

The government has permitted resettlement only in four Village Officers (VO) divisions in Pachchilaippa’l’li Divisional Secretariat area while the rest fourteen divisions are not allowed for resettlement.

Only half the number of residents in the four VO divisions has been permitted to resettle in their properties.

This area include Iyakkachchi, Koayilvayal, Mukaavil, Masaal, Chearanpattu, Tharmakkea’ni, Allippazhai, Thampakaamam in Pachchilaippa’l’li East and Kachchaalve’li, Arasarkea’ni, Veampodukea’ni, Iththaalai, Mukamaalai, Ki’laali in Pachchilaippa’l’li West.

Most of the above places except Mukamaalai and Ki’laali were not affected by war and people had been living there until the final stages of the war.

Though there may be the danger of landmines in Mukamaalai and Ki’laali the motive of not allowing resettlement in the other areas is to continue the plunder, the IDPs said.

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