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En route to G! G 4 Glamour

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image Glamour by heroines may be an integral part of Tamil films today and heroines are chosen and used for the glamour quotient in films, well mostly. In the last 30 years or so we haven’t seen many films where the films were rested on the heroines shoulders. Even if it was done that was done by people who regularly made such heroine oriented films like the B-Gang of directors. K. Balachander, Bharathiraja, K. Bhagyaraj and Balu Mahendra.

Heroines of the B&W era were also called glamorous but for doing sensuous roles. The grace with which they did the roles made them memorable. In ‘Vettaikaran’ Savithri was a revelation in glamour with out any slightest skin show. It’s on record that the so called chemistry between lead stars MGR and Savithri is amazing in the song ‘Medhuva Medhuva Thodalama’. So glamour lies in how the heroines carry themselves.

Even the later generation did bikini acts which were the sexiest act by a heroine in the 60s and 70s. All most all the heroines have done at least one bikini act in their career including Jayalalitha, Lakshmi and KR Vijaya. For today’s generation the bikini act by KR Vijaya in the film ‘Pattanathil Bhootham’ may be a shocker. For younger stars like Jayasudha, Sripriya or Sridevi wearing a single or double piece swim suit was just like any other costume. In fact Sridevi was the first ‘thunder thighs’ for he bold acts. The title later went to Ramba. From the 80s glamour became the domain of heroines only and item girls like Jayamalinis and Silk Smithas and Anuradhas and Disco Shanthis were sidelined. Now we leave it to you to decide on heroines and glamour level.

One thing which you need to observe is that the older heroines did glamour not as a career option or a career move unlike the girls of today. All most all the revered heroines of yester years were strong performers too. Glamour was a negligible percentage of their performing role. Sridevi did a bikini act in ‘Sigappu Rojakkal’ but her astounding performance is what you remember even today. Sri Priya did a bikini act in ‘Ilamai Oonjaladukirathu’ but you remember her powerful performance matching with the superior talents of Rajini and Kamal in the film. Same can be said for the likes of Radha, Ambika, Kushboo, Meena, Simran and others.   

Perhaps the only heroines in recent memory who took off and landed safely by not doing even a single glamour role are Revathi and Nadhiya. They were able to dictate terms. Remember during their times a film was sold only on their presence irrespective of everything else in the film. 

We are not worried for those who opts glamour for lack of talent, but we are concerned about the ladies who showed promises.

But here what we want to ask is that whether opting for glamour only is a good career move? Are the days of glamorous yet also performing heroines’ days over? What about heroines who have won national award for their acting looking for an image change desperately? What about heroines who have received unbelievable critically acclaims for their acting prowess looking for glamorous role more than anything? What about girls who are ready to strip for better fortunes even at alien lands?

What better example than Lekha Washington. The successful SS Music VJ got her break in movies with, ‘Jayam Kondaan’ in which she played the stubborn sister to Vinay Rai and earned great compliments for her realistic performance. She was treading cautiously and the going was fine until she got an offer from Bollywood. For her first Hindi film ‘Peter Gaya Kaam Se’, Lekha is more than willing to strip and let loose all her inhibitions. As a bikini-clad girl in Goa, Lekha want to carry the image to Kollywood as well.  She has already signed her second film in Tamil for Pushkar-Gayathri. Did we lose a promising actress to glamour?

The most shocking in recent times was Priyamani. The actress who essayed the role of an adamant rural girl to perfection made people forget her real name and call her Muthazhagu. Priyamani’s performance in ‘Paruthiveeran’ went on to win the National Award  for best actress, followed by the Filmfare Award, Tamil Nadu State Award for Best Actress and also an award at the Osian’s Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema. 

Standing at the turning point of her career Priyamani chose a diversion and believed in the number game. So listening to her tempered advisors the award winning actress preferred to take the glamour route and openly said she prefer more films than awards. Purely commercial you would say. Since her first film ‘Kangalal Kaidhu Sei’ in 2004 Priyamani has done over two dozen films but she is remembered only for her ‘Paruthiveeran’. Unfortunately all her glamour roles she did willingly to create a space for her failed at the box office and she is also fast losing her name, fame and respect she earned through Muthazhagu. Didn’t we lose another good actress to the short living glamour cinema?

Another actress who seems to have fallen for the glamour thug is Anjali. When ‘Kattrathu Thamizh’ was released the film buffs breathed fresh to see a heroine after a very long time with the best of all. In ‘Angadi Theru’, Anjali virtually mesmerized the audience with her professional élan. Anjali is expected to go places much like Kajol or Konkana Sen who could handle both serious and commercial cinema with ease and remain on top of the mind. Will she balance her acts? Are we losing another gem of an actress?

Glamorous things are neither opaque, hiding all, nor transparent showing everything, but translucent, favourably showing things. So understand girls.

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