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It was a miraculous escape: Bhavana

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image Accidents during the shooting schedules are quite common in the lives of actors especially action heroes, but when it comes to the heroines who are mostly meant to dance and look pretty, they seem to be very unusual! Anyway, things can go wrong at anytime, anywhere and to anybody, right?

Recently, popular Tamil-Malayalam-Telugu actress Bhavana had a narrow escape when she fell from a bike during the shooting of her Kannada film Jackie, being directed by hit maker Soori with Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar in the lead.

According to sources, the makers were shooting a scene in the Bangalore Highways, involving Puneeth and Bhavana as riding a bike. Bhavana was supposed to filch a stick of sugarcane from a moving lorry which passes them. Everything was fine till the third take, but to everybody’s surprise, the lorry accidentally picked up speed and Bhavana lurched forward to take the sugarcane, consequently leaving the bike out of control.

As a result, Puneeth and Bhavana fell from the motorcycle. She had several bruises on her hands and feet. She was taken to the hospital immediately. The doctor advised her to rest for at least a week. Bhavana said: "It was a miraculous escape for me, as I was dragged on the road when I fell and sustained bruises on my left leg.

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