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Thamarai calls for IIFA boycott by Bollywood

[IndiaGlitz, Wednesday, 19 May 2010 19:34 One Comment]

image Notable Poetess, lyricist and litterateur Thamarai has come down heavily on the Bollywood actors who have agreed to go to Colombo, Sri Lanka for the IIFA event in June.

In a statement she has said “the act of the Bollywood is like dancing on the burial ground.” She further worries about the disgrace the Bollywood would bring on the humankind if it agrees for the revelry in Sri Lanka.

The activist poetess also urges the Tamil film fraternity to put pressure on their Bollywood counterparts to prevent IIFA event taking place in Colombo. She confidently says Bollywood cannot downplay the Kollywood’s plea to change the venue of the event.

Thamarai questions Bollywood celebrities to answer how they think things have changed in Sri Lanka when People’s Tribunal in Dublin declared Sri Lankan government as a war criminal just two months ago.

Further in support of her stand the poetess says “We do not remember even a single Indian sports personality who carried Olympic torch for Beijing 2008 Olympics in India. But we remember only Baichung Bhutia who refused to lift the flame as a protest against the China’s atrocities in occupied Tibet.” Thamarai expects the same attitude from the film fraternity.

The celebrated lyricist further says “We would not have forgotten the protests carried out by Tamil film industry to stop the war against Tamils in Sri Lanka. Actors, film employees, television artistes went on fasting all together. Notably, directors Barathiraja, Selvamani, Manivannan, Seeman and Ameer did their best to spread awareness about the war among the general public with fullest cooperation from the film industry. We should not be demoralized over our past failures and come to a false conclusion that everything is out of our hands.”

As conclusion she says “Tamil film industry should get into action and prevent any Indian artiste from participating in IIFA in Colombo. We were not able to prevent the slaughter of innocent Tamil civilians by Sri Lankan armed forces. At least we should prevent these artistes from celebrating over our mass graves.”

The IIFA event scheduled to happen in Sri Lanka has irked the Tamil communities all over the world. There were protests in front of the houses of Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan in Mumbai recently. Tamil super stars like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan and Ajith have already rejected the invitation.

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  • muthu said:

    Tamils are international community and our politic in Tamil Nadu still revolve around families and their business ,can vellaiyan the leader of the trader association do the same irrespective of the political party and then the government will come to this point because again they need our votes. i think no actor from India should attend the show and i vow who ever is attending i wont see their movies for the life time . I am Tamil presently expatriate ,i will urge my friends also not see the movies.it starts here will see where it ends .one film already in my list is Ravanan as ash and abhi are actor and attending the function.