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TGTE constitution to be drafted within 3 months

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 May 2010 07:44 One Comment]

The elected representatives of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) who met in three spots of the world on a 3-day session since 17 May to 19 May resolved to draft the constitution of the TGTE within 3 months and set up an Interim Executive Committee (IEC) Wednesday constituting 8 members, 2 from USA, 2 from UK, 1 from Australia, 1 from Canada and 2 representing the other countries of Europe. Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran from USA was appointed as the Interim Chief Executive of the IEC, TGTE members who attended the inauguration told TamilNet Thursday.

The representatives from 11 countries and members of Advisory panel met in a transnational session over three days.

Despite the sectarian politics that prevailed during the pre-formation process, and alleged malpractices in some of the constituencies and unresolved disputes, a conducive atmosphere has been created in the 3-day session as most of the representatives who chose to be elected on a common platform were determined to make TGTE a success, a member from USA told TamilNet adding that much depends on the statesmanship of all the members of the ICE in the coming weeks.

Mr. Rudrakumaran, the interim executive of the TGTE-ICE, proposed to elect a Speaker for the Constitution Assembly for the TGTE.

Pon. Balarajan from Canada was was unanimously elected as the Speaker of the Assembly.

Professor N. Sriskandajarah from Sweden, a member of the advisory panel, who presided the inaugural session, proposed to have the Advisory Panel functioning till the Constitution Assembly completes the drafting of the constitution.

There was no mention of maintaining any body named ‘International Secretariat’.

Certain non-transparent operations associated with the pre-formation process, such as a ‘high profiled International Secretariat’ only caused miseries to the unity of the Tamil national voice and to the democratisation of the struggle and to the process of popular will taking its course.

The elected members said all operations involved in the democratic exercise will be transparent in the future.

47 TGTE members (24 from Canada and 10 from US) attended the session in Philadelphia, 14 in London, 12 in Geneva and others joined from their constituencies.

The TGTE members have discussed about setting up sub committees for Drafting Constitution, Education, Health, Sports and Culture in homeland, Economic Development in homeland, International Relations, War crimes and Human Rights in homeland, Women, Children and Elders in homeland, Business Development in Homeland, Heroes’ Families, Prisoners of War in homeland, Resource Protection (in Homeland) and Youth Participation.

The exact composition of the sub-committees are yet to be finalised, the sources said.

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One Comment »

  • Subramaniam Masilamany said:

    Dear Sirs,

    The issue here is true democracy. Who nominated these people to run for the office? Okay fine, now that they have formed an organization they must go for true election. They must set up regions, caucasus and let the Tamil people put the proper candidates to run for the election.
    I am at this issue since 1961, yes 1961! Time for us to unite as one people or let our people go!!
    Only 10% of the Tamils participated in the election, what happened to the rest 90% or portion of it? Tamil people at the grass root level are angry the way things are going.
    LTTE should have united people before they went into action, still we supported them but at one point they were arrgoant and sometimes intimidating. So they lost.By the way whatever happened to all the money collected in May 2009, I mean May 2009 not May 2010? There was no place to send it!Some one got that money!!
    So when the TGTE come looking for money, we will have them do it right this time. They need money.If there is any illegal way of raise money we will keep the resident government alerted.
    This TGTE also started as sectarian politics, there is a lot of suspicion among people why the election was held this way.Now that some body have got their people in they want to dictate the terms of the constitution.
    Please remember and be aware that the way some people joined the SL govt to defeat the LTTE, we will join the Resident governments to proscribe them the moment we see irregularities.
    As it is, it is not a good sign, they started off on the wrong footing.
    There is legal way to do this business and looks like some people want to keep it as a private affair at the expense of the public.
    If we cannot really care for our community just let them go, 90% or part of it is already gone, Why?
    The first priority of any Tamil government is to unite the people. If there is no unity there is no strength, if there is no strength we will succumb to destruction.There are ways to unite people but do these leadesr really want do it.
    We need a watch dog!
    Subramaniam masilamany
    Let ua watch and see what happens.