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KP-Diaspora programme operated by SL Military Intelligence: Doctor Arudkumar

[TamilNet, Monday, 28 June 2010 22:44 One Comment]

arudkumar_interview  Sri Lankan Director of National Intelligence, Major General Kapila Hendawitharana, the longest serving intelligence officer of the military, is in charge of the covert and overt programme of dividing and conquering the Tamil diaspora, alludes a British Tamil doctor, who visited the island recently as part of a ‘Tamil diaspora visit’ organised by Colombo through Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP. TamilNet releases an exclusive video interview it had with the British Tamil doctor Arudkumar Velauthapillai a couple of days back in which he reveals the details of the trip. SL Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Maj. Gen. Hendawitharana and External Affairs Minister G.L.Peiris, all spoke in a well-synchronised way. Military counterinsurgency and ‘post-war development’ are intertwined aiming at Tamil subjugation.

Dr. Arudkumar was one of the nine diaspora Eezham Tamils who visited the island from 6 countries between 15 June and 20 June. KP and his associates in the diaspora played a crucial role in mobilising this diaspora group to have talks with the Sri Lankan government on post-war rehabilitation of people and former LTTE cadres in detention.

The doctor says he made the decision as an individual to explore the opportunity to help the uprooted civilians, people incarcerated and those held in detention camps. Earlier, he had served the people of Vaakarai in Batticaloa for four weeks after the 2004 tsunami catastrophe. "I am not a politician. I only wanted to help," he said.


But, after sensing the intentions behind the Sri Lankan military intelligence, the foreign minister and the defence secretary, and experiencing the restrictions put in place, his decision was not to succumb to the tactics of Colombo.

They will only bring you into their mindset, attempt to divide and destroy you. They will misuse your intentions for their advantage, especially in convincing the West that the Tamil diaspora is now cooperating with them, the doctor said.

KP told the diaspora visitors that one should be satisfied with what is being offered and should look after the civilians and the former cadres. He was sounding spiritual and was criticising the political initiatives of the diaspora.

The TNA speaks only about political solution and Tamil Nadu leaders are jokers (koamaa’lika’l), is the opinion reflected in the speeches of Kapila, Gotabhaya and KP, says the doctor.

"Even if you can’t, we will bring the diaspora to cooperate," the visitors were told.

The terms like transnational, united, federal, etc, are sensitive terms and they should be avoided. From South Africa to Japan, countries have so many other models. One should go to the grassroot to find the solution, professor G.L.Peris told the visitors.

One should not talk about the ‘past’ or ‘history’, but should cooperate to build the country together. Mahinda has got a mandate from the [Sinhala] people, was the response from the government side when the visitors began talking about political solution.

When KP was asked about his arrest, he told the visitors that he was arrested by the Malaysian authorities, interrogated for two days and was flawn to Colombo with Sri Lankan intelligence officer Sam, a subordinate of Kapila Hendawitharana. Sam was also present at the meetings.

Kapila Hendawitharana, whom Arudkumar described as the ‘master mind’, in his conversations mentioned that he had met KP back in 2006.

KP was giving details of different personalities in various countries and was talking about properties and money associated with them.

When Arudkumar asked why couldn’t the Sri Lankan government release the freezed TRO money for the use of the resettlement of civilians, Kapila Hendawitharana responded by saying that the visitors should first start brining the diaspora money.

The visitors were taken to Palaali military base and were briefed by the commanders there before taken to Ramaavil in Thenmaraadchi where they met resettled families. But, there were intelligence operatives. They were not allowed to meet civilians in Ki’linochchi. When visiting Cheddiku’lam internment camp in Vavuniyaa, the visitors asked to show Zone-4 of the camp, but they were only taken to Zone-2. While talking to the families there, there were some persons planted among the IDPs, who were watching the interactions, the doctor said.

Maj. Gen. Kapila Hendawitharana During Chandrika Kumaratunga’s presidency, Kapila Hendawitharana was in charge of the military intelligence. He played a crucial role in getting the renegade LTTE commander Karuna to work with the Sri Lankan military intelligence and in launching covert operations against the LTTE, resulting in a series of assassinations. His unit was mainly responsible for the serious violations of the clause 1.8 of the Ceasefire Agreement by deploying paramilitary operatives against the Tigers. After repeated complaints from various actors, he was transferred and posted to Thailand as Defence Attaché. Later, when Rajapaksa came to power, he was made the intelligence chief to coordinate with Gotabhaya and Fonseka.

As the Sri Lankan diplomatic establishments across the world are extensively militarised in recent times, diaspora circles fear that a major covert operation against diaspora Eezham Tamils is already in progress and that the KP programme is only a tip of the iceberg.

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  • mathan said:

    This explains everything. It looks like KP was cooperating with the sri Lankan government for a long time, coinciding with the demise of the LTTE. It looks like KP betrayed them. This could explain why so many ships carrying ammunition were destroyed by the sri lankan military. What is certain is that KP is only being used by the Sri Lankan government. Look at what has happened to Karuna. By getting the diaspora to work with the sri lankan government, they will deflect war crime enquiries. They will then continue to oppress the tamil population. Though I would not like to see the tamil diaspora to coorperate with KP, it is important that the efforts to help the tamil people in the north are made.