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Plan to appoint KP as Chief Minister: Fonseka

[DailyMirror, Saturday, 3 July 2010 09:42 No Comment]

Democratic National Alliance (DNA) leader retired General Sarath Fonseka claimed yesterday he had information about a plan to create a situation whereby LTTE’s International arms procurer Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP could emerge as Northern Province Chief Minister.

General Fonseka told parliament he knew how KP was arrested but would not disclose such information because it would amount to revealing war secrets.

He said the government had taken KP round the country and according to some reports he received, KP had even chaired an important meeting.

General Fonseka said it was tragic to find an LTTE front-liner like KP being given royal treatment while some military officers who were in the forefront of the war against terrorism were either put behind bars or sent home.He said he was saddened to find that the welfare of soldiers being neglected and that the number of army deserters had increased, while there appeared to be a lack of enthusiasm among youth to join the military.

“This is due to the government’s attitude towards the military,” the General said and added that the government still paid only Rs.150,000 as compensation to family members of a fallen soldier.

“It is hardly adequate for even the alms-giving on behalf of such a soldier. In the past, this amount was sufficient to purchase at least a plot of land,” he said.

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