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SL minister protests against UN office, demands Ban-Ki moon to dissolve panel

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 6 July 2010 14:10 2 Comments]

Sri Lankan minister Wimal Weerawansa, who was opposed to the peace process, has gathered his supporters outside the UN office in Colombo at Bauddhaloka Mawatha protesting against the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki moon’s move to appoint an expert panel Tuesday afternoon. The protesters have erected a temporary shed in front of the main entrance preventing the UN staff from entering the office premises and were calling the UN Secretary General to dissolve the expert panel.

The protesters have sprayed some ink to the security cameras installed in the premises. They also burnt an effigy of the Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

Media sources in Colombo said that the UN Resident Representative in Colombo Neil Buhne had refused to comment about the protest saying that a civil commotion is taking place outside his office.

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  • GoodSriLankan said:

    U.N Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon why don’t you appoint a panel to investigate alleged war crimes all around the world by Terrorist, LTTE, Al Qaeda, US Government, UK Government, and NATO?
    Instead of that U.N Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon going to appoint a panel to investigate elimination of world brutal Terrorist organization LTTE and punish legitimate Sri Lankangovernment and Sri Lankans!!!
    U.N Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon is UN’s vision and mission to destroy small developing countries on be half of betterment of big countries by supporting Terrorism?
    Please U.N Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon, do not interfere internal affairs of Sri Lanka and do not put the blame on the political leaders, security forces and nation of Sri Lanka for eliminating World Brutal Terrorist organization named LTTE from our mother land Sri Lanka tocreate a peaceful developing country!
    Please U.N Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon, do not try destroying small countries!
    Sri Lanka did condemned September 11th Attack on Twin Towers (World Trade Centre) of USA, because Sri Lankans know the pains of human.
    U.N Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon is closing the U.N. Development Program Regional Center in Colombo to stop development of Sri Lanka mean while supporting terrorism all around the world?
    U.N Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moons role and responsibilities are not clear to us in UN…

  • s ensemey said:

    I second this statement by GoodSriLankan. Why hasn’t anyone brought charges on the LTTE and let them face their consequences. Just because SL defeated terrorists people do not know what to do. UN is supporting terrorism because they are getting pressure by money holders who have LTTE ties.