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Sexual harassment charges allegedly behind errant Sri Lanka UN diplomat’s recall

[TamilNet, Monday, 12 July 2010 13:31 2 Comments]

Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Bandula Jayasekera was allegedly involved in a sexual harrasment complaint by another employee at the Sri Lanka mission, Sunday Leader said in the latest weekend edition. Mr. Jayasekera who has been recalled to Colombo by External Affairs Ministry Secretary Romesh Jayasinghe said that he was informed over the telephone by Jayasinghe that following his ‘good service’ in the country’s foreign missions, he has been asked to return in order to put his services to better use in Sri Lanka, the Leader reported.

Bandula Jayasekara When queried if he was being recalled due to his alleged sexual harassment of First Secretary to the Mission, Muditha Haliyedda, Jayasekera while totally rejecting the allegation said, “It is a figment of imagination of a paranoid woman who wants to get rid of me in order to run her parallel administration. This is a tactic used by this employee of the mission in the past, which perhaps was successful and it has been tried again," the Leader said quoting Mr Jayasekara.

Haliyedda after serving in Brussels had returned to Sri Lanka and had immediately been posted to the Sri Lankan Mission in New York, Leader reported.

“Her political connections are used to have her own way in the mission and the employees are harassed and threatened. Anyone who stands in her way is threatened to be transferred from the mission,” according to the Leader.

Mr. Jayasekera was appointed as Sri Lanka’s Consul General for Toronto in 2008, and prior to that he was Editor of a pro-Government website, Colombo Post, a position he held after he was removed from the editorship of State daily, the Daily News.

While as consul general Mr Jayasekara was "outspoken" and had accused Canadian MPs MPs of “low politics” and misrepresenting events in the South Asian nation.

While holding the Sri Lanka deputy post at UN Mr Jayasekara had on-going fued with UN reporting on Sri Lanka matters by the

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  • s ensemey said:

    It is good to see that this person is speaking up about what is right and trying to be fair to all people no matter who they are. Is this man being punished for speaking up or is this all an LTTE supporter conspiracy for his stand against terror? Terror is terror no matter who administers it. People like him are needed in politics to keep a balance. Like President Obama’s example we must strive to be objective & weed out corruption. To think that he has been hailed as a hero more than Palitha Kohona and other Consulate Generals, after all Canada did have more problems. Jealousy is a strong motivator, et tu Brute? We guess that LTTE supporters are dancing with joy that a strong representative in the west is taken down. Which powerful LTTE Tamil backer paid off/bribed people at the Mission for this little gem?

  • s ensemey said:

    In reading this article again, I must say whatever this woman’s political connections, that it is no excuse for her to act like a vile human being. What is the reason for this woman’s retaliation? Can anyone englighten us? If this woman has tried this tactic, then
    she must have concluded that this man was a patsy as well. Well, then she pegged him wrong. Though its no fault of the connections that the connector misuse and abuse the power for their own gain.