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SLA denies irrigation facility to resettled civilians in Ki’linochchi district

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 July 2010 08:51 One Comment]

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) occupying Ki’lnochchi has stopped the supply of water to the paddy fields cultivated under Akka’rayan Ku’lam in Ki’linochchi district by resettled civilians claiming the water in the reservoir is reserved for its supply of drinking water, the resettled civilians said. The paddy cultivated by the resettled civilians face the risk of withering off due to lack of water, they said. SLA in Akka’rayan Ku’lam area obtains its drinking water transported in water bowsers from the tank.

The resettled civilians have sown paddy in their fields in the villages of Skanthapuram, Nanchu’nda Kaadu and Mukkampan which are irrigated from Akka’raayan Ku’lam.

Water was not issued from 7 July to 12 July and only a limited supply of water was allowed on 13 July which was hardly enough for the paddies, the resettled civilians said.

The resettled civilians whose only livelihood being paddy cultivation further said that that refusing water to their paddy fields is a great injustice.

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