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Plans afoot to settle Sinhala people in Thiriyaay in Trincomalee district

[TamilNet, Sunday, 8 August 2010 07:51 One Comment]

Moves are afoot by Sri Lanka government central land authorities to acquire about three thousand acres including paddy fields belonging Tamil farmers located close to the Buddhist temple called Kirihandu Seya in Thiriyaay, a traditional Tamil village, north of Trincomalee town. The residents of Thiriyaay said that this is part of a subtle move by the chauvinist elements in Sri Lanka government to attach more lands to the Buddhist temple in order to settle Sinhalese from South.

They added that Tamil farmers in Thiriyaay have been told by land officials that they should produce deeds and other documents to claim their fields for cultivating paddy and other crops.

But several Tamil farmers uprooted during war had lost their deeds and other documents when they fled for safety elsewhere.

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  • bathiya kumara said:

    i don’t agree with this idea. because srilanka is Sinhalese people’s county.before they lived in whole of the island. you can’t say, they attack to tamil people lands.really tmil people lived in only jaffna,early of the kingdom of Dabadeniya.after tamils came to south lands and they attacked to Sinhalese people lands.Thiriyaaye is the ancient place of Sinhalese.so you can,t blame for Sinhalese.