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Meera Jasmine to wed Rajesh soon

[Galatta, Wednesday, 1 September 2010 18:05 No Comment]

image We all know that popular musician Mandolin U. Rajesh and actress Meera Jasmine are in love for quite a long time. Meera Jasmine had spoken about her love affair in public several times; now, for the first time, the musician has also commented on their relationship at a public forum recently.

Rajesh and his brother Srinivas were in Kochi on Monday for a TV channel show and aired their views. Rajesh said it is up to the actress whether she wants to continue acting after marriage.

"She has to make the decision whether she wants to act," said Rajesh, adding that their marriage will not be delayed for long. "This has become a reality and our family has supported him on his decision," said his brother Srinivas.

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