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Now, Pak accuses India of giving birth to suicide bombings via LTTE in South Asia – ANI

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Addressing the UN General Assembly, Pakistani delegate Amjad Hussain Sial has alleged that India had supported terrorist elements in neighbouring countries and also helped to set up the most lethal terrorist organisation, the Tamil Tigers, which introduced suicide bombings in the South Asian region.

According to The Nation, while opposing Indian External affairs Minister S.M. Krishna’s accusation that Pakistan was linked to terrorism, Sial told 192 UN members that India had conducted state terrorism in Kashmir where people resorted to revolt against New Delhi’s rule marked by repression.

"India … conceived, created and nurtured the most lethal terrorist organisation, which introduced suicide bombings in our region, still it has the nerve to give lectures on morality to others," Sial said.

Referring to Krishna’s claim that Jammu and Kashmir was part of India, Sial said that the disputed territory was on the agenda of the United Nations, which had passed resolutions to that effect. The first Prime Minster of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, had also made commitments, reaffirmation of which Pakistan welcomed noting that Kashmir was not the property of either India or Pakistan, but belonged to the Kashmiri people.

He further alleged that India had failed to fulfil its commitments and that it maligned Pakistan on terrorism in order to hide its own behaviour.

"The ongoing indigenous peaceful, unarmed, non-violent and widespread movement for ‘Azadi’ i.e. freedom in Kashmir has once again proved that despite facing decades of repression and some of the worst forms of human rights violations at the hands of Indian security forces, Kashmiris refuse to accept any other solution than the exercise of their just right to self-determination," he added.

However, Indian delegate, Manish Gupta, accused Pakistan of making "false allegations" about his country. He further said that Pakistan should focus particularly on the issue of terrorism and devise ways to dismantle it.

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