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Amnesty to begin campaign on SLA execution of Trincomalee students

[TamilNet, Monday, 18 October 2010 09:13 One Comment]

With the fifth anniversary of the massacre of five Tamil students in Trincomalee beach by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers approaching on January 2nd, Amnesty International (AI), the human rights watchdog has embarked on a postcard campaign "to use this case as an example of the ongoing lack of accountability in Sri Lanka," according to the U.S. Director of Amnesty Jim McDonald. AI researchers plan to use the campaign as the focus of a broader effort to highlight the need for an independent international investigations into Sri Lanka’s war crimes.

Post-Trinco-massacre photo album

PDF: TAG Report: Trincomalee executions

Student victims of Trincomalee executions "AI members around the world will be asked to send the postcards to their own governments before the end of this year, asking those governments to support an independent international investigation on Sri Lanka. The action is meant to complement the ongoing petition to Ban Ki-moon about an international war crimes investigation in Sri Lanka," Mr McDonald said in a communication to the AI members.

CommandResponsibilityHierachy_84840_200 The names and the date of birth of the five students killed on 2nd January 2006 in Trincomalee, a big harbor town under the control of and heavily garrisoned by the Sri Lanka security forces are:

  • Manoharan Ragihar 22.09.1985
  • Yogarajah Hemachchandra 04.03.1985
  • Logitharajah Rohan 07.04.1985
  • Thangathurai Sivanantha 06.04.1985
  • Shanmugarajah Gajendran 16.09.1985

US-based pressure group Tamils Against Genocide (TAG) submitted an affidavit containing the personal testimony of Dr Manoharan, the father of Ragihar, one of the five high school students shot dead in execution style in Trincomalee, and two detailed reports of evidence collected on the killings by a Rights Group whose members are in self-exile due to threat to their lives, as record of evidence to the Dublin war-crimes tribunal hearing in January 2010.


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  • Jay Pathbey said:

    This is what will happen to any student who indulge in adult games. Students should be studying not playing politics or become militias. Whether it is the JVP, LTTE, SLFP, UNP or any other, the leaders only use these poor kids and they end up paying the ultimate price. It is the poor parents who end up suffering. This has nothing to do with AI or any other pundit do-gooder. It is purely at the time when this happened, with Prabhakaran and his mad butchers letting off bombs all over the country, supported by an equally blood thirsty diaspora, killing and maiming the innocent, the government had to maintain law and order. The students in North and east were cannon fodder and tool-pigeons for the LTTE. Like thousands of others 70,000 or 75,000 people – mostly sinhalese these are just victims of the time. LTTE should have not embarked on fancy dream games. Sri Lanka has a majority and about 10 or 11 minorities. Let them be. The majority rules while the minority too benefit when the country as a whole dvelops. One cannot break America to 208 different countries because people from almost every nation in the planet are in the USA. They all came to the US because of its potential. Who ever came to Sri Lanka did so for the same reason. Very similar to the tamils going to US, Canada or Australia claiming refuge status or any other – by hook or by crook. No one wants to migrate to a hell-hole. So did the tamils from south india. This is the case of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. JP/USA