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Kadhal Anukkal…’ (Enthiran): Finest lyrics by Vairamuthu

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image Vairamuthu experiments and succeeds in blending words that are not generally considered poetic. His romantic songs touch our hearts. This poet has given and keeps giving original masterpieces with words that are very powerful, imaginative, apt, creative yet very simple, words that any common man can grasp it with ease. His is a mesmerizing technique. The latest example is the melodic hit song in Enthiran ‘Kathal Anukkal Udampil Ethanai…’ with words like electron, neutron, atom, oxygen from the world of science. These scientific words are placed in this love song beautifully like a rainbow and as soft as a feather. I would place this song among the topmost post modern romantic songs. Vairamuthu can thus be classified as a post modern poet with many other such lovely lyrics to his credit.

Among Kannada film lyricists, we have a post modern lyricist in Jayanth Kaikini. From ‘Anisutide Yahoindu’ in Mungaru Male he has been writing lyrics that suit modern days. His imagination is also excellent. In Mungaru Male, his lyrics spoke about ‘from signature in the heart…’ In Galipata the lyric touched the clouds and literally flashed lightning with the lyrics ‘When you come as lightning, it rains where I stand…’

Today, there are very few lyricists like Vairamuthu and Jayanth Kaikini who can greatly contribute to a film’s success. Some the top lyricists in Malayalam include Girish Puthenchery, Yosuf Ali Kechery, Kaithapram, Vayalar, P. Baskaran and others. In Tamil too, none could beat Kannadasan in his style of writing. Slowly these lyricists are becoming endangered and threatened with but a few left.

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