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Draft TN Tamils in Eelam struggle: TGTE

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The self-styled Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) has asked the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora to draft the Tamils of Tamil Nadu in their struggle to establish an independent Tamil Eelam in the Lankan north and east.

In an appeal made on the occasion of Maaveerar Naal (Heroes Day) to commemorate the dead LTTE recently, the TGTE’s “Prime Minister” Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran said that the Tamils’ power in South Asia was largely in the hands of the people of Tamil Nadu.“In recognition of this, we have to direct the political efforts of the Tamil Diaspora in the right direction. We believe that the Tamil Eelam liberation struggle should not be seen as a struggle of Tamil Eelam alone, but as a struggle of world Tamils, particularly with the wide participation of the people of Tamil Nadu,” Rudrakumaran said in a statement.

“We are at a historic juncture where all the people of Tamil Nadu should engage themselves in the Tamil Eelam liberation struggle, beyond party differences. We would like to bring to the attention of the people of Tamil Nadu and their political leaders, that they have a greater role to play in the lives and security of the Tamils living in the Eelam homeland,” he stressed.

Rudrakumaran is a US-based lawyer who was legal advisor to the LTTE. Arguing that an independent Tamil Eelam was the only solution to the Lankan Tamil question, Rudrakumaran said that it had to be won by political and diplomatic means, exploiting global and regional geopolitical conditions, even as the people of Tamil Eelam commemorate the dead in the armed struggle and respect the leaders of that struggle.

INTERNATIONAL CLIMATE COULD CHANGE: Rudrakumaran said that the international climate did not help the Tamil armed struggle in Lanka but added that the international political climate could change.

“In a dynamic world there would always be changes and the world order and geopolitical interests of the regional and international powers do not align at the same point and remain so forever. A situation could arise whereby the creation of two states in the island of Sri Lanka could be seen as desirable, in the interest of the regional and global powers.” “We firmly believe that by closely observing the changes in the international arena, the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam could create the circumstances for the interests of the Tamil Nation and the interests of the international community to converge,” Rudrakumaran said.

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