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India continues grooming genocidal military of Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Saturday, 25 December 2010 15:41 No Comment]

As a goodwill gesture, India is expected to gift some military equipment such as shoulder-fired missiles and radars to Sri Lanka when Indian defence secretary Pradeep Kumar undertakes a two-day visit to Colombo from Monday, PTI reported Friday. The equipment, part of the assistance provided earlier to Sri Lanka to fight Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), is planned to be gifted apparently to demonstrate India’s efforts to help build the defence capabilities of Colombo in the backdrop of Chinese attempts to make inroads there, PTI further said. Kumar, who will hold talks with his counterpart Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, is also likely to discuss the future defence requirements of the Sri Lankan armed forces. If the war with the LTTE is over, against whom India is grooming a genocidal military, wonder Eezham Tamils.

India aims for its ‘Industrial Security Force’ in the island initially for ‘economic integration’ and ultimately to achieve ‘integration’ of a Sinhala state under its empire, informed diplomatic circles said.

In the process of reciprocity, Colombo is given with free license to complete the genocide and subjugation of Eezham Tamils, they said.

The crippling of Eezham Tamil trade and economy using the Sinhalese is a beginning of a long-term agenda for a total economic integration of the island, they further said.

There are sections of Sinhalese who harbour thoughts that when they were helpless in colonial times a Tamil population was brought in from Tamil Nadu to the plantations of the central provinces to disturb their demography and now is the time for the Sinhalese to colonise the north and east of Eezham Tamils to create a ‘cocktail’ population there.

But the vicious experiment of New Delhi and Colombo over the territoriality and sovereignty of Eezham Tamils would either eventually end up in Sinhalese losing their own sovereignty and territoriality to the Indian empire or it would backfire and turn out disastrous for the harmony and security especially of the two southern states in India, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, political observers in Chennai said.

The Kautilya’s of these two states were predominantly responsible for this mischievous foreign policy for a very long time. In their thought that they are the ‘pillars’ of Indian security and that they are the ones having larger regional and international outlook, they seriously risk the security and harmony of the very peoples they come from, the Chennai circles said.

But unfortunately peoples of both the southern states have no say over these elements that function in extra-parliamentary ways or perhaps the peoples have no understanding of the kind of risk they are about to face, the Chennai circles further said.

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