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Swine flu claims 22 lives in Sri Lanka

[AFP, Monday, 27 December 2010 12:27 No Comment]

The World Health Organization declared the swine flu pandemic over in August Swine flu in Sri Lanka has killed 22 people and infected more than 300 over the past two months, the island’s health ministry said Monday.

Official figures showed that 22 people infected with H1N1 — swine flu — had died since October 25 while 342 cases were reported during this period.

"The strain of influenza affects peoples’ lungs and triggers off a strain of viral pneumonia. The heavy rains and the cold weather helped spread the virus," government epidemiologist Sudath Peiris said.

The ministry urged people to avoid crowded places and ordered those managing public phone booths to disinfect them at least eight times daily.

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