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Displaced Lankan Tamils live in poor conditions

[Express Buzz, Sunday, 23 January 2011 11:23 No Comment]

Scoffing at the Indian and Sri Lankan governments’ claims of ethnic Tamils leading a decent life after the end of the Eelam War (2009) in the island nation, a Chennai-based lawyer who visited Lanka recently has said that the condition of Tamils there remains the same as it was immediately after the war.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, E Angayarkanni said, “We visited several places in the north and the lives of people who were living in camps or were relocated to other places remains the same despite the government’s claim that they have been well looked after.” The lawyer, who had travelled with a friend, had been detained by the Lankan army near the Omanthai checkpoint despite having the ministry of defence’s valid permits, and had only been released after the India government’s intervention.

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