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Rajapakase under treatment: Suffering from cancer?

[MISC, Monday, 24 January 2011 09:25 14 Comments]

president_mahinda_rajapakse-500x313 (Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapakse is on a private visit to the United States, and is reported to be staying with his brother Dudley Rajapakse in Houston. The Government, in typical fashion is silent over the reason for this very sudden and personal visit. However, the Colombo based media and a source in Houston have reported that he is suffering from a life threatening illness and one source says that he took treatment from a hospital in Houston.

According to the Sri Lankan media source based in London it was reported that that he took treatment from the MD Anderson Cancer Centre ( More Information) which is a partner institute of the University of Texas.

Reports of serious illness would explain why President Rajapakse took the risk of visiting the United States when there is every possibility that he could be charged with war crimes.

Apparently he is now out of danger and will be here in Colombo to attend the Independence Day ceremony.

Meanwhile the Tamil Against Genocide (TAG ) is filing a civil action on behalf of three plaintiffs in the Southern District Court of Texas charging the President Mahinda Rajapakse as liable under the doctrine of command responsibility for,

• the Trincomalee killing of 5 students (all nearly 20 years old awaiting University admissions),

• extrajudicial killing of 17 ACF workers, and

• the massacre of 40,000 Tamils in Vanni in 2009, and asking monetary damages for the plaintiffs,

the only possible redress available in a civil action.

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  • solomon said:

    cancer cant stop this brave srilankan from punishing rest of the LTTE. He is a man who sees no fear in safeguarding srilanka. long live Mahinda

  • Velmurugan said:

    Would a Mahinda with a ‘genocide brain’ get cured by punishment?

  • Ramesh said:

    I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    god please help us all.

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  • Minendra said:

    Get well Soon Sir, -
    Yours services are required for many more years.
    200 mio of us waiting to see you at the 4th Feb
    Chiran Jayathu Mahinda – Minendra

  • charles said:

    Hi i am really surprised to see above comments for support of this violent arrogant ruler , killer of innocents, children and poor. i really wonder whether these people who commented here are tamils or not. if not tamils, at least be a normal human being with simple heart of love and kindness. no violent unkindful killer of innocence and poor should exist in this world.

  • Arjun said:

    Heh..heh.. rumours… idiots can be happy for few days… poor guys.. heh..heh.. have fun..poh :P

  • Tamilan said:

    i hope he gets what he deserves…
    This is called karma….

  • mel said:

    well sorry mister but karma is a bitch.

  • anuradha said:

    He defeated the most dangerous cancer of the world “the great(only for tamils) tmail tiger velupillai prabhakaran!! Mahinda rajapaksha will get well soon!!!!!!!! and he will be with us to celebrate our freedom

  • Grim Reaper said:



  • Dave said:

    I am much amused with those sycophants who wish that MR MAY reign long.

    Mubarak in Egypt has now ‘won’ 6 elections and he is 82….so you guys who feel that MR is the saviour of SL may yet have many, many years to savour a ‘Family’ dictatorship.

    I wonder at what age Nemal will be judged the right age to take over?

    Make no mistake, you no longer live in a democracy; parliament is now totally subservient to the whims of MR and his family. The changes to the electoral system are designed to ensure that the SLFP will in future elections have a massive in-built majority by marginalising minority parties.

    So indeed, long WILL MR reign!

  • RMohan said:

    Punishing the guilty is not the issue.As a civilised society th e Sinhala commuity should rise to the occasion to end the conflict by giving Tamils equal rights.

  • Grim Reaper said:

    Punishing the guilty is very much the issue.

    The relentless persecution of the Tamils by the Rajapakse FAMILY dictactorship, some civilized society for sure!!Genocide of the innocent Tamils! Is that their Equal rights, which planet are you on??

    Look at your country now, or are your eyes closed!!