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Rohini will release the Music of Raghuvaran

[IndiaGlitz, Thursday, 3 February 2011 20:32 No Comment]

image If you are under the notion that film artistes are fit only for acting and they don’t know anything else in life, you are grossly wrong. Many actors have many hidden talents in them apart from acting skills. Some deliberately show off to be in the news for some time while most others just keep it as their passion and enjoy doing them.

Kamal is also a poet as many would know. But how many of you know that Vikram is a fine photographer or Suriya is a fashion designer? Likewise there was an actor who is known for his trend setting performances is also a very passionate musician.

Raghuvaran had a great sense for music and the actor played the key board well. One of his ambitions was to launch his own musical album and he was composing tunes for it. Recently it was found that Raghuvaran had stored scores of tunes in his key board for that purpose.

To commemorate the actor musician, Raghuvaran’s wife, actress Rohini is planning to release a musical album with the selected best tunes composed by the actor in his memory.

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