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Executives of TGTE-Democrats speak on Transnational Polity

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 9 March 2011 08:43 3 Comments]

 “Our aim is to strengthen the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam and to take it to the next stage of the global struggle of Eezham Tamils,” said Sasi Mahesawaran, one of the three executives of the TGTE-Democrats. “Our people believe in unity to win the struggle. The frequent questions that are asked whether the TGTE Democrats are part of the TGTE or whether they are an opposition party or whether they are an alternative TGTE,” the Executives answered the questions in a panel address they gave on Saturday in Tamil.

The way the present TGTE operates impelled a mobilisation for TGTE-Democrats, said Krishanthy Sakthithasan, who was explaining about lack of democracy in the very formation of the Assembly.

The younger generation believes in a solid working programme rather than rhetoric or speeches. We will pledge our full support when there is such a working programme, said Vithya Jeyasankar, another Executive from Germany.

TGTE-Democrats-Front Democracy and transparency in Transnational Government are crucial to Eezham struggle. The claim that a constitution had been accepted by the TGTE Assembly and all members should pledge for it is undemocratic, because the Assembly is not complete and a constitution that hands over all the powers onto one individual, the executives of TGTE-Democrats said, adding that they would press for the electoral process of the Assembly.

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  • Chandran said:

    Who the hell are they ? never know :-/ don’t put our childrens life in danger again and mind your own work! This is shame for the life we lost in last 30 years.

  • Neelan said:

    @Chandran – Agree anna. I doubt they know even what color of the north was? these kids spent all years in forign countries letting our homes and children education to nothing. Please do what ever you do without disturbing our life again! if you don’t have jobs try to find sometjhing than such shame things again. We need to live here with ppl without issues. Stop play with thamil comunity. If you need, make a political party and do politics.

  • charly said:

    You young boys and girls!
    let Rudra run the tgte smoothly.pl learn to obey elders first.