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On Sri Lanka, UN Says No Date Set for Panel Report, Ban to Proclaim on Its Secrecy

[Inner City Press, Monday, 28 March 2011 18:19 No Comment]

The UN on March 28 said that for its Sri Lanka panel’s report, “no date has yet been scheduled” for it to be submitted to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and that what happens after that, including any release to the public, is for Ban “to decide and pronounce on.”

  Inner City Press had asked, in light of Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s recent statements, including that Ban’s Panel could not investigate in Sri Lanka, if Ban had given him assurances that the report will be kept secret.

  Ban’s spokesman Martin Nesirky said that’s for Ban “to decide and pronounce on.” But has Ban already decided?

In December 2010, Ban pronounced that due to Rajapaksa’s “flexibility,” his Panel could go to Sri Lanka. But time went on, and now Rajapaksa has said he prohibited any investigative trip. What flexibility was Ban praising? Inner City Press has asked, but it has still not been answered.

At Ban’s last press availability, Nesirky did not call on Inner City Press to ask any question. Ban is now ostensibly "coordinating" the military action in Libya. Many question the differing responses to the killing of civilians in Libya this year and in Sri Lanka in 2009 — but that’s a question for another day.

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