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Seeman forecasts defeat of AIADMK – Congress tie up

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(TruthDive)Seeman the founder leader of Nam Thamizhar party addressed a meeting held at Vellore in support of UN Expert panel report on war crimes in Srilanka.

In his usual scathing attack on Congress party he declared that any party forming alliance with Congress party in future will be defeated. This is considered a veiled reference to the reported alliance in making between AIADMK and Congress party if DMK decides to move away from UPA.

In his high charged speech Mr. Seeman said that May 18 should not be observed as a day to mourn.

‘We fell not to cry but to raise again in multiple. We are not a group to shed tears but blood.

I spent five months in Jails out of seven months after establishing the party. In the rest of the months within that short period we have destroyed our enemy. We have chased the Congress party from the state.

Everyone saw this as an election but we took it as a fight of Seeman, brother of Prabhakaran Vs Rahul, son of Sonia Gandhi. The Congress party which supplied weapons to Rajapakse is rooted out.”

Seeman took a pledge in the emotionally surcharged crowd

“I still keep the holy ashes of Parvathi Ammaal Prabhakaran’s mother. I also keep the ashes of Muthukumar who committed self immolation for the Ealem Tamils. I will dissolve the ashes only when my race is liberated.”

While most of the national leaders and media attributed the grand success of AIADMK to the 2G Scam effect, Mr .Seeman differed with them and asked how Congress alliance won elections in Assam, Kerala and West Bengal? If 2G scam could be the reason for defeat then how one can explain the defeat of PMK and VCK Mr Seeman asked.

He explained that the defeat of century old Congress party in Tamil nadu is the prize awarded by Tamils to the party for their role in killing of Tamils. He likened the situation of BJP in Tamil nadu as an example for the future status of Congress. “Just like the parties avoid alliance with BJP for the loss of minority votes, in future all parties will avoid congress for the loss of Tamil votes.” Mr Seeman claimed that the Congress party won in 5 assembly seats just because he could not undertake propaganda in those constituencies.

Regarding assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, Mr Seeman asked not to talk about it anymore: “If there is a need to discuss on it then one should discuss about 12500 people killed by the army sent by Rajiv Gandhi. Why no one criticize about Americans killing Osama who carried out twin tower attacks? If so then what is wrong in killing Rajiv Gandhi who killed 12500 people? Can there be different yardsticks for Osama and Rajiv? Each Congress man should fear defeat for their stand on Rajiv assassination”

Since Seeman was arrested for alleged speech against Sovereignty, he also attacked on the selective use of principle of Sovereignty.” Some people talk about Sovereignty and division of country; Then how the world is divided into so many countries? Kosovo, East Timur and Serbia are recent examples. How it is called a freedom struggle if others do and the same is called as separatism if Tamils do? Our aim to prove that there is a genocide happening in Srilanka assisted by India. China, Russia or even India need not recognize us, we will decide ourselves. If we can gather 10 million Tamils we can do.”

Mr Seeman was all in praise for the LTTE Leader Prabhakaran.“ Prabhakaran is the leader of 120 million Tamils living all over the world. Naam Thamizhar party is a party of democratic revolution in Tamil Nadu. Anyone can come( to Tamil nadu) and live. But only we ( Tamils) should rule. We have no problem with the people coming ( from outside) and living in Tamil Nadu. But I have a problem in letting them rule”

Mr. Seeman appears to be snatching the policies, propaganda and methods of Dravidian parties such as DMK, AIADMK, MDMK. However the naming of his party “Nam Thamizhar” different from the rest of the regional parties in Tamil Nadu and his subsequent activities suggest that the word ” Dravida” has lost its relevance and it is now replaced by the word ” Tamil”. The huge support Seeman enjoys nowadays in Tamil Nadu shows a shift among the people of Tamil nadu towards ” Son of Soil” policies.

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