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Moon’s panel report disturbs reconciliation – KP

[Sunday Observer.lk, Tuesday, 24 May 2011 08:00 No Comment]

KP LTTE’s former arms procurer, Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP) said the UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon’s expert panel report on Sri Lanka was disturbing the true reconciliation efforts and had not highlighted the ground realities in the North.

In an interview with an Indian newspaper he said no one would be benefited from the UN report.

" You have to understand the reality on the ground. The past is past. War means first (many people) die. War means who dies first. Truth (also dies). War means the same everywhere. You cannot say good war and bad war. War is war. In Sri Lanka, both parties tried maximum (to win). If we put a UN report for every war where is the end? I feel war is over and it’s more than two years. Here is the critical point. In this war the government is the winner and the LTTE is the loser. But the loser’s side still has some people left. They are (living) at present here, including me", he said.

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