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India alone can’t be trusted, IC should be involved: TNLA

[TamilNet, Friday, 27 May 2011 12:24 No Comment]

India can’t be trusted anymore. A solution for the national question of Eezham Tamils in the island has to be reached through wider international participation and guarantee, said former Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarians and Tamil National Liberation Alliance (TNLA) leaders Sri Kantha and MK Sivajilingam in addressing a press conference in Jaffna on Wednesday. Informed circles say India pressurizes the TNA not to come out with any political proposals. But the TNA should immediately table the political demands of Eezham Tamils, based on their right to self-determination. TNLA has no difference of opinion in conceding that the TNA is currently the predominant political representation of the Eezham Tamils and the TNLA is prepared to give all support to TNA in tabling the Tamil proposal, they further said.

Further comments made by the TNLA in the Jaffna press meet:

Tamils have no faith on the Congress regime of Sonia Gandhi in India.

It will be difficult for Tamils to forget what India had done during the war.

Yet India cannot be excluded from the future processes of finding solutions just because of its background.

Those who have abetted the Colombo regime in the war and provided arms to it cannot be excluded from the process. India is one of them.

More than 25 Western countries actively contributed to defeating the LTTE in the war. The roles they played now come to light.

In finding the political solution, all those who are directly and indirectly involved in the affairs of the island, as well as the UN should take part.

Everyone has always deceived the Tamils and we need to be vigilant hereafter.

Leaders and officials of the Indian government came out with words misleading the TNA even at the height of the war. The TNA listened to them with gullibility. Such deceptions cannot continue forever.

India is once again misleading the Tamil political leadership by advising not to take a political position in finding a solution.

Shouldn’t we ask what we want?

The Indian involvement is a must in finding a political solution in the island, but the talks should be transparent.

India has her own agenda.

Colombo blackmails India by showing China and Pakistan.

The present central government at New Delhi was never trustworthy to Eezham Tamils.

India on several occasions in the past has demonstrated in the international arena its commitment to save the Sri Lankan state. India will continue to do so.

The TNA should come out of the talks it is holding with Colombo if there are no signs of hopes in the talks.

In recent times, many TNA parliamentarians, including Mr. Suresh Premachandran, say that Colombo on its own will soon ditch the talks, since the directions of the talks are not in satisfactory lines.

Suspicions arise why should the TNA think that Colombo on its own would break the talks.

Transparent talks should take place in the right plane. All know the history of the talks the TULF had with the regime of JR Jeyawardane, and no more re-enactment of them.

TNA has the responsibility to pronounce without any further delay that the Eezham Tamils as a minimum need a political solution asserting to their right to self- determination in their traditional homeland in the island.

The present milieu is favourable for Eezham Tamils.

The TNLA is prepared to give full support to the TNA.

There is no point in dragging out anymore. Only TNA is capable of fixing the Colombo regime by pronouncing the political solution.

The TNA talking all these days but saying that we don’t know what we are talking only helps the Colombo regime to come out with excuses to escape international investigation advocated by the UN panel report. Eezham Tamils could accuse the TNA itself as a party to the crimes.

Autonomy of the traditional Tamil country within a united island is the stand of TNLA. The question of Muslims could be discussed and resolved once such a solution is arrived at.

In the press meet, the TNLA has not said anything on the question whether Eezham Tamils have the basic freedom in the island to ask what they really and righteously want – independence and sovereignty of their nation.

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