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Sri Lanka’s Killing fields – UK Media exposes, Indian media shies – TruthDive

[MISC, Tuesday, 14 June 2011 08:01 2 Comments]

UK’s channel 4 held a long debate on whether to show these video’s from Sri Lanka acquired through painstaking and life risking efforts from some brave journalists and human rights activists. The channel has compiled several video’s collected from the war zone into a one hour movie and screened the same in the UN last week. The gruesome nature of the video has earned the program the reputation of possibly being the most gruesome movie ever shown in a mainstream media.

The video have also been meticulously scrutinized for authenticity by international experts. It is indeed a testimony for the UK journalists for their ethics and dedication towards journalism. Like the September 11 attacks videos, these videos are bound to strike a chord with your consciousness.

What deeply worries me is the shyness of Indian media. With India’s so called diplomatic ties with Sri Lanka, our Media could have easily sneaked into Sri Lanka and exposed these crimes while it was happening and could have saved a life or two at the least. Our media needs to take some deep introspection on what failed us from doing this. Is it fear, prejudice or lack of respect towards humanity?.

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  • Balaji said:

    Its really sad to see that Indian government has not taken proper steps to stop this violence and even more surprising thing is that our media is not pointing this as a major issue.

    Channel 4 a British public-service television is broadcaster all the videos with proof on Srilankan military acts and our Indian government is acting like an audience.

  • santhosh said:

    Its been really a shame on indian govenment. All cause of politics activities. and watching the humans die. tamizhan endru sollada thalai nimirndhu nillada!!!!!!! everything will be alright very soon.