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Jaya slams Chidambaram and Maran

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( TruthDive) Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Dr J Jayalalitha after meeting the Prime Minister in the company of NSA  Sivasankar Menon told the media that Sri Lankan Tamils should lead a life of dignity and said that Katchatheevu island should be got back since the island nation was not allowing Indian fishermen to fish in that region. Politically she made it clear that she has no soft corner for the Congress by demanding the resignation of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram along with Textiles Minister Maran of DMK. Civil activist Anna Hazare got a pat from her.

She at first said that meeting UPA Chairperson Sonia was not proper as Congress continued to be in alliance with DMK. Taking off from here she said that a data entry operator in Chidambaram had manipulated the votes to see that P Chidambaram was elected by a slender margin of 3000 odd votes and wanted him to resign. PC reacted by saying that commenting on an election petition before the court amounted to contempt.

Her next target was DMK, where she said that already some bigwigs are in jail and more members from the MK family would cool their heels in the coolers. She said that Prime Minister should sack Union Minister Maran. Asked about her once offer to support UPA if DMK moved away she said that the offer was no more existent.

“The DMK is facing the heat today, the DMK supremo’s family is facing the heat today. Many of the DMK leaders and leading lights of the party are facing a slew of corruption cases. Some are in jail, many more are likely to go to jail,” she added. Jayalalitha also wanted the ferry service from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka stopped to respect the sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu at the backdrop of serious human rights violations recently in Sri Lanka against the Tamil people there.

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