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US-UK responsible for ‘killing field’ war on Eezham Tamils

[TamilNet, Friday, 17 June 2011 14:50 2 Comments]

“The war on terror served as a justification for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, two countries which ten years latter are still shattered and fractured, with a rather bleak future. It seems that it has, under the eyes of the International community, also been used as a cover up for a conflict that was nothing more than a racist war,” says Anissa Haddadi writing on Sri Lanka in International Business Times, Friday, asking the question, “Is the US war on terror responsible for Sri Lanka Killing Fields?”

"We strongly condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, committed by whomever, wherever and for whatever purposes, as it constitutes one of one of the most serious threat to international peace and security", this UN resolution was adopted in 2005 and set international background in which the Sri Lankan civil war was fought, the International Business Times article said.

“The horror that slowly unfolded in Sri Lanka only became possible because of the silence that surrounded it. In the last phase of the civil war, which was the most violent and brutal, there was almost no reporting in the mainstream international press of what was really taking place there,” the article further said.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of Campaign Against Arms Trade (Caat) in UK, Kaye Stearman said "David Cameron and the UK government are calling on the Sri Lankan government to investigate the atrocities but we also need a proper investigation of the UK government’s own complicity in selling arms to Sri Lanka, despite knowing how they were likely to be used,” Morning Star reported on Thursday.

Citing UK’s arms sales to Colombo amounting to 18 million pound sterling during the Vanni war and such sales continuing to this day, the Caat spokesperson said, "UK arms sales confer support and legitimacy on the Sri Lankan government, just as they do to Middle East governments who use UK arms against their own people."

At the height of the war, the British Ambassador to the UN said the LTTE was long blighting the Sri Lanka government.

To what extent this policy is changed now, ask Eezham Tamils in UK, citing the UK Defence Secretary calling on Rajapaksa in London when he was not wanted at Oxford, and the UK High Commission in Colombo choosing the eve of the broadcast of the Channel 4 programme to legitimise the Sri Lanka Army, by announcing the ‘reintegration’ of the ex-LTTE combatants through the genocidal Army.

The US embassy in Colombo not only legitimised the Sri Lanka Army, but also approved the paradigm set by it, by participating the genocidal military’s international conference on disseminating the paradigm, last month.

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  • Nadarajah Balasubramaniam said:

    After recapturing Elephant Pass, LTTE won the Sri Lankan battle ‘Agni Kegale’and established their military superiority.They declared ceasefire and further ttacked Katunayake Airport with out causing any damage to any civilian or foreign travellers in a magnificent meticulous attack. The International Community decided that the Sri Lanka military was not capable and decided on peace talks leading to a separate state. Chris Patton went to Vanni and met the great leader Prabhakaran.

    Indian govt. led by the Kerala based diplomats MK narayanan, Shiv Shanker Menon and the Bengoli Pranab Mukergee who commands tremondous influence in the Ghandhi family wanted to take revenge on the Tigers because of the permanent insult the IPKF suffered. There agenda was to go on fighting till they killed the great Leader and intelligence chief, Pootu Amman. The nasty revenge talking narrow minded diplomats and the Hindu Ram followers did the biggest crime of helping in the genocide of the Vanni Tamils. This act complimented the Sinhalese agenda of the Genocide of Tamils.land grapping, burning of the Libruary, govt. sponsored pogroms’.

    The disgraceful British politicians, like the former lady Speaker, an honourable Lord and personalities like Liam Fox who enjoyed free holidays had the habit of supporting Sri Lanka government, specially during the times of the then foreign minister Kathirgamar always supported the murderous nasty government of Sri Lanka. With the ascend of great China, poor Britten has to listen to India for economical survival. On August 17th the Chencholi children home was bombed by the Sri Lankan 4 Kfir planes killing 53 children. on 31-08- 06 Mahinda met Tony Blair in Holiday home and convinced the alleged war criminal Tony Blair that the LTTE could be defeated. Lanka Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, President’s Secretary Lalith Weeratunga, Director General of Peace Secretariat Dr. Palitha Kohona, President’s Additional Secretary Gamini Senarath and High Commissioner in UK Mrs. Kshenuka Senewirathne also accompanied the President.

    At the same time as President Rajapaksa was taking off for Britain, his brother and senior Advisor Basil Rajapaksa was headed for New Delhi on a mission that remained a closely guarded secret. So much so even the Foreign Ministry or the Sri Lanka High Commission in New Delhi was unaware.
    Basil’s visit to India was the outcome of a suggestion made by India’s High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Nirupama Rao. She had wanted him to meet Indian leaders in New Delhi and explain Government’s position with regard to various issues. Later Ms. Rao had flown to the United States for a personal matter.
    So it was more India than the stupid UK with its horrible history gave the green light for the elimination of LTTE. The blunder was that the stupid Imperialist forces believed the Sri Lankan promise that the Tamils are different and the LTTE are terrorists. India gave the needed infantry to Sri Lanka to fight the brilliant Tigers when they got a thrashing in Mankulam.

    The great liberation fighters fought with both their feet on their motherland. Uk gave arms, money to please India. UK is also alleged to have given the desperately needed ‘thermabaric bombs’ that did the crucial damage to the LTTE fighters.

    Tamils in Sri Lanka can only think and even can’t whisper their mind. the Diaspora Tamils will get their Eelam by non-violent means. That would make the world a better place. It is high time that all the progressive forces started for the establishment of a separate nation for Tamils. Ceasefire might have led to reconciliation, but now it is Genocide that can only end in Separation. Let the government of UK take the lead rather than trying to use BTF as a fig leaf.

    Their message all-round being; “the military’s “defensive” role in the wake of LTTE attacks”. (Get set, ready, and go for the Vanni Tamils genocide)
    (“Mahinda-Chinthanaya London giya”; http://sundaytimes.lk/060903/columns/political.html)

    24-10-06 Pranab Mukherjee took charge as the country’s External Affairs Minister

  • RMohan said:

    LTTE lost the propagenda war.Wested interest in Tamilnadu and India succesfully portrayed them as terrorists and used their influence worldwide to defeat the Tamils.They dont want Tamil apprisal,though genuine.After Indras death they misled inexperianced Rajiv,who ignore the genuine armed group,LTTE and gone with other selfish Tamil groupes.