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Charge sheet on ‘Rajapakse family’ – Basil

[DailyMirror, Tuesday, 28 June 2011 08:36 No Comment]

ju Claiming that some local and international NGO are continuously trying to make conspiracies against Sri Lanka, Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa said that the US State Department in an earlier occasion had even prepared a charge sheet highlighting the ‘Rajapakse family’

Addressing an event in Embilipitiya, Minister Rajapaksa said that after the elimination of Tamil Tigers, some escaped LTTE cadres with the foreign countries joined together and try to destabilize the country with the assistance of some foreign forces.

“Some NGOs also has joined with them. Now those malicious forces are making a lot of conspiracies one by one. Once the US State Department has prepared a ‘charge sheet’ highlighting the ‘Rajapakse family’. Afterwards the Darusman Report came,” he said.

He also said that Then Prime Minister Ranil Wicremesinghe had betrayed the country and gave eight districts in the North and East to the LTTE by a famous agreement called ‘Ranil-Prabha Agreement’.

“Now they are talking about Human Rights, War Crimes and the Right to have Information. Villagers are asking what are these? In fact a recently forwarded proposal to Parliament had been drafted by a certain NGO,” the minister charged.

He said that imperialists found the facts from the same country which they were intended to invade. They have put their fingers to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya through interfering of internal affairs of those countries.

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