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Sri Lanka Continues Genocide, Thumbing Nose at UN and World – Salem-News.Com

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Tamil man hanging by neck; this video was posted 3 days ago. Video shows man hanged by neck; executed without a trial on the side of the road.

Even though Sri Lanka’s government is suspect in a massive Genocide two years ago that left possibly one hundred thousand Tamil civilians dead, reports indicate that in spite of statements from the Rajapaksa regime to the contrary, war crimes still continue in small scale.

We’re being told ex-Tamil rebels who were were previously in custody and then released, are eventually ending up raped or murdered by "unknown" men.

Who are these unknown men in a land which is occupied by Sri Lankan savages?

Could they be the same who drove the notorious ‘white vans’ that were used to disappear people like Tamil friendly journalists, for a period of time preceding the final push?

Sri Lankan intelligence has two goals to achieve …

1) Tell the world that military presence is needed to avoid such massacres.

2) To threaten the local Tamils who know the truth.

As we reported many times in the past, the journalists were killed or simply disappeared without a trace, and the handful of United Nations observers in Tamil country; northern Sri Lanka, were told to leave for their own safety.

The only group that ever implied they were in danger was the Sri Lankan government itself. Their departure marked a nightmarish journey for hundreds of thousands of Tamils who have as much right to Sri Lanka as the majority Sinhalese Buddhists.

That is the back story, the current story is that Sri Lanka’s president and his cadres are thumbing their nose at the world, continuing to commit crimes they deny. So they deny them, what war criminal does not?

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