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The Anti Tamil Dialogue of Shiv Shankar Menon with Rajapakse – TruthDive

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In the second week of June an Indian delegation led by Mr.Shiv Shankar Menon the National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister of India met Srilankan President Rajapakse and discussed for two hours. There is a mystery about what transpired between them.

Mr. Menon was one of the troika comprising him, foreign secretary Nirupama Rao and defense secretary Pradeep Kumar which went to Colombo immediately after a change in Government in Tamil nadu. At that time Colombo was panicked by the resolution passed by the Tamil nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa that called upon the Government of India to impose economic sanctions against Sri Lanka and declare President Mahinda Rajapaksa a war criminal. Therefore the high level delegation might have been meant for giving assurance to Rajapakse on the continued support to him. But anyone can guess that such assurance if made public will invite the wrath of people from Tamil nadu.

After meeting Rajapakse , Mr. S.S.Menon issued unbelievable statement making an impression that the Srilanka could opt for a solution to Tamils issue going even beyond 13th amendment.

He talked about the great achievement of completing 50 houses for Tamils in two years out of the 50,000 houses promised. (At this rate it will take 1000 years to build all the houses!)

The Srilankan President Rajapakse later clarified that India did not compelled Srilanka to implement 13th amendment. Mr. Rajapakse revealed the truth since he was leading a political party in a single state nation and is answerable to the people. But in India the irresponsible south block regional mafia is in control of the Srilankan policy. Therefore they have the liberty to blabber something in the press. They have their propaganda media men on their side.

The Indian media created an impression that India was working out a solution to ethnic problem based on the 13th amendment.

Seeman, the founder of Naam Thamizhar party pointed out the double face of Indian Government citing media reports of Mr. S.S Menon’s visit contradicting with the statements of Mr. Rajapakse. The BJP Leader Pon.Radhakrishnan has also requested the Government of India to expose the talks between the Indian delegation and the President of Srilanka. It is unlikely that the Government of India will reveal those official secrets. Wikileaks is the only way to catch those discussions.

But there are also alternate media voices which tell the truth. One of such articles appeared in one web site.


This report talks about the idiotic policies orchestrated by Keralite mafia officials at Delhi regarding Srilanka and the false reports in media about Srilankan Tamil genocide.

Since the Indian officials, Rajapakse and media shall never tell the truth about those discussions let us imagine what transpired between S.S.Menon and Rajapakse recently on the lines of comedy reports carried by Tamil magazines.

This is purely an imaginary discussion based on the groundreport referred above.

Rajapakse: Welcome Mr. Menon. How is our good old friend M.K. Narayanan.?

S.S.Menon: President Sir, He is fine, He has asked me to convey you that our Anti Tamil tirade should continue for ever.

Rajapakse: Well, I am happy that you understand well, any devolution of power to Tamils in Srilanka will encourage separatist tendencies in Tamil Nadu.

S.S. Menon: Yes, Yes, Dear President, when I meet the press I will tell something about 13th amendment etc, Kindly don’t take it seriously.

Rajapakse; Moreover we will continue our attacks on Tamil Fishermen. That will be a check on these Tamil people our common enemy.

S.S.Menon; Sure, Sir, but see that no one from Kerala is attacked. Leave the western side

Rajapakse: Western side is leased to Somalian pirates. What about the resolutions of Jayalalithaa?

S.S.Menon: Sir, she is only a state Chief Minister. Moreover there are reasons to believe that very soon she will shift back to our sides. You have already talked about Prabhakaran’s Anti Brahmin policies through your captive slave KP, Oh, What a strategy. Your unlimited love for Brahmins is welcome.

Rajapakse: O.K, We come to our business, Let us go together regarding war crimes report. Because, in the Mullivaikkal episode we followed your plan inch by inch. Unfortunately my military establishment have recorded all Indian involvement. We will try not to reveal all those secrets. We are grateful to your great ideas of ‘fire free zone’, barb wire fenced ‘internment camps’

S.S. Menon: Sir, Our Prime minister is concerned about your engagements with China and Pakistan.

Rajapakse: Look Mr. Menon, We are a sovereign nation and we have rights to maintain good relation with any country. If we show to our Sinhalese that we are closer only to India, they will suspect us.

S.S. Menon; Sir, Our delegation has discussed our business ventures with your officers. They are not cooperative. We have to report something fruitful to Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Rajapakse: See we are in a cash crunch. Tell us how much aid you will release . If you cannot help we will get it from China , No other way. Convey this to your Prime minister.

S.S.Menon: President Sir, no need to worry, Dr. Manmohan Singh will not show any care about Tamils. You can see how we react to the suffering of a Sikh in Pakistan or Australia and turn a blind eye to Tamils. He is only our man.

Rajapakse: Then send him to Srilanka. We will give a guard of honor to him just like what we already handed over to your former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. And we will see whether we can throw some biscuits to your business during his visit.

S.S.Menon: Thank You very much His Excellency. We are grateful to you

Rajapakse: Convey my wishes again to M.K Narayanan, Vijay Nambiar and Mr. George. Good Bye

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