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Sri Lanka attempts to stop ABC from airing Channel-4 video

[TamilNet, Monday, 4 July 2011 07:35 2 Comments]

Sri Lanka Government run weekly, Sunday Observer, said the current edition that Sri Lanka’s High Commission in Australia has sent a letter of protest to ABC’s Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s] Four Corners Program requesting "to avoid telecasting the documentary [Channel-4's "Sri Lanka's Killing Fields"] as it is completely biased and contains unsubstantiated allegations against the Government of Sri Lanka."

The program is scheduled for telecast on ABC Monday.

Acting High Commissioner Shashikala Premawardena, who also had a telephone conversation with ABC’s Executive Producer Sue Spencer, had urged the ABC not to give any coverage to the video as the views expressed in the documentary were without any guarantee of authenticity, the paper said.

"The footage screened by Channel 4 last night ranks among the most horrific yet shown on British television. Naked prisoners shot in the head; the dead bodies of women who had been raped, dumped on a truck; the immediate aftermath of a shell landing on a hospital – images caught on mobile phones of the atrocities committed by government soldiers in the final months of Sri Lanka’s brutal civil war," UK’s popular daily The Guardian commented on the video.

Amnesty International said of the authenticity of the vide in its website, "Amnesty International considers the previous and new mobile phone videos to be credible evidence of war crimes. The United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions has also concluded that the video is authentic."

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  • althea said:

    I have read about sri-lankan history that spans over 2500 years and tamil and sinhaleese community have lived in this land for ages.

    Once the British made it a colony as british were not comfortable to give positions of authority to sinhaleese fearing that may lead to rebelion by sinhala majority they were more comfortable with minority tamils and they were given dispropotionate share of offices during their rule even though the distribution of ethnicity was 70% sinhalese and 20% tamils.

    Since independence from 1948 tamils feel they have lost previously held advantage, which if continued would be unfair for the sinhaleese majority.

    This lead to many unfortunate incidents however even now majority of the tamils live among sinhaleese in the south and claims of genocide going by definition is totally incorrect.

    It was LTTE who drove out sinhaleese systematically from north, even today most tamils live in south specially in the capital colombo forgetting some mistakes of sinhaleese few. During riots tamils protected even sinhala soldiers, many sinhaleese protected tamils from few extremist who went on rampage.

    The present govt has stopped the war. If 15 people from tamils were getting killed and another 20 from Sinhaleese were getting killed per day since the war ended on may 19th to date the present govt has saved LIVES OF 11,640 TAMILS, 15,520 SINHALESE. As population of tamils are much smaller the current govt has saved greater proportion of tamil community be it terrorist or otherwise who would have been at danger not only sinhaleese be it soldiers or otherwise.

    INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY PLEASE UNDERSTAND there are few elements that would like to re-ignite war here as war is sometimes an economic activity for unknown few who fight from DISTANCE sacrificing innocent tamil youths and Sinhalese.


  • Deepa said:

    I am horrified, I saw the program on abc last night and was very angered. The Srilankan government are blatant liars, the proof is staring at everyone’s faces, even the UN admitted those videos were real not fake. what more proof do people want that the Srilankan military are murderers, rapists and need to be sent to the international tribunal court to be hanged like Saddam was. To bomb not one but 2 red cross hospitals which had dying and very injured civilians after saying that it was safe is VILE, disgusting, totally evil. How can the world sit by and watch such inhumane acts by any country or group? The world must not only condemn Srilanka but retaliate against their barbaric acts against the Tamils. I am a Tamil from Chennai and my heart goes out to the poor Tamils getting a rotten deal by the Sinhalese government. I hope Australia takes sanctions against Srilanka asap.