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Sri Lanka & UN’s Ban, Photos Not Allowed, Killing Fields Not Seen?

[Inner City Press, Wednesday, 6 July 2011 07:46 No Comment]

Last week Ban Ki-moon’s acting deputy spokesman told Inner City Press that Ban had been given a copy of the “Killing Fields” documentary showing war crimes in Sri Lanka and would see if when he had time. It was also confirmed that on July 5 Ban would meet with Sri Lankan politician Ranil Wickremesinghe.

When July 5 arrived, this meeting was listed at 3:30 pm. Inner City Press asked, just to confirm, that it would be allowed to take photographs at the beginning, as happens as such meetings, not only by UN Photo and delegations but also independent media.

Inner City Press was told to wait and see. At the day’s noon briefing, Inner City Press asked Ban’s spokesman Martin Nesirky if there would be such a photo op. He said, you have asked earlier, we do not yet know.

On whether Ban had taken the time to see the “Killing Fields,” Nesirky reiterated that Ban has been given a copy, but said he doesn’t know if Ban has seen it. Ban’s schedule lists another a trip later on Monday, to Spain.

After the noon briefing, Inner City Press was informed that it would not be allowed to photograph Ban’s meeting with Ranil. It would be photographed by the UN itself, “for archival purposes.” It was said that an attempt will be made to make the UN’s own photo available; then it was said that this is not done. A blackout of independent media, then.

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