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Hillary Clinton and Jayalalithaa fail to mention War Crimes in Sri Lanka

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(truthdive) It was presumed in the recent article in truthdive.com that the discussion about the investigations on war crimes in Sri Lanka will not be in the agenda of Ms. Hillary Clinton the US Secretary of state visiting Chennai on Wednesday.


As predicted the Government of India have managed to silence both Ms. Hillary Clinton and the Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa to fall in line with the official position of India in offering no comments on investigations of war crimes in Sri Lanka.

The habitual and useless talk about rehabilitation of Tamils in Sri Lanka found place in the discussion between the two leaders at Chennai. It is reported that Ms. Hillary Clinton assured Jayalalithaa for taking action to arrange for return of Tamils in camps to their homes. Does it mean that Jayalalithaa has no hopes on Government of India in their rehabilitation measures? Why such an assurance comes from visiting foreign dignitary? It is also unknown how American Government will help rehabilitation of Tamils.

The rest of the matters in the discussions were about the mutual economic benefits. This has confirmed that Ms. Jayalalithaa is gradually absorbed in to the policy of Government of India in maintaining a calculated silence on the war crimes in Sri Lanka.

What is surprising is that, as mentioned in the article, the world’s biggest democracy India tried to silence the loudest speaker of human rights USA and has succeeded in compelling Ms. Clinton to exercise the gestures of three Gandhian monkeys on the issues of genocide and war crimes in Sri Lanka.

Ms Clinton uttered no word about war crimes anywhere anytime during this visit to India.

While in Chennai Ms. Clinton referred cooking deaths in India and campaigned for the use of cleaner stoves. In another gathering she informed that she was ready to train women to fight against violence. But Ms Clinton could not recall the Tamil women who died in fighting violence against them in Sri Lanka. It is hard to believe that Ms. Clinton forgot about genocide and war crimes in Sri Lanka.Tamils have to ask ” You too Ms. Clinton?”

Both Ms Clinton and Jayalalithaa were known proponents in favor of investigation on war crimes in Sri Lanka. But what made them to prefer not to make a mention about it when they met in Chennai needs to be thought of.

This development is considered a victory to Srilankan president, the accused in war crime, Mr. Rajapakse. After achieving the deep silence from Ms. Jayalalithaa and Ms. Hillary clinton at Chennai, Mr. Rajapakse in Colombo should have gone for a deep and peaceful sleep with some flowers of his hope blooming in Temple Tree.

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