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Singers Mano, Krish And Suchithra Decline

[Behind Woods, Thursday, 21 July 2011 09:09 No Comment]

mano-krish-21-07-11 Singers Mano, Krish and Suchithra were shocked to find that the President of Sri Lanka, Rajapakse, would grace the inaugural function of a stadium for which they were also invited to perform a cultural show.

Singer Mano said that when the troupe came to know that Rajapakse would participate in the event, they immediately cancelled the show. Mano added that they did so based on the request of several people in Tamil Nadu. He had said that the troupe agreed to participate in the event because they wanted to perform before the Tamils in Kilinochi but decided against it when it was made clear that Rajapakse would be there too.

It may be recalled that the Tamilians want Rajapakse to be tried for war crimes during the country’s fight against the LTTE.

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