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Genocide of Tamils: Sonia Gandhi affeted by Cancer due to Curse?

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The President of the ruling Congress party Sonia Gandhi is undergoing treatment in a Cancer hospital in USA. The details of illness are not revealed. However since she has preferred treatment abroad in Memorial Sloan—Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) private hospital—in New York, it is speculated that she is suffering from Cervical Cancer.

Such secrecy of treatment to high profile political leaders is nothing new. The stroke attack on Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India was not revealed until his death. Therefore it is not surprising that illness of Sonia Gandhi too is undisclosed.

But the different perspective by some Ealem supporters is something uncommon. A curse acting on Sonia Gandhi. According to them Sonia Gandhi helped Sri Lankan Government to commit genocide of Tamils as a retaliation to the assassination of her husband Rajiv Gandhi.

It is weird but one can think about it. Two articles appeared in truthdive.com about a curse by Tamil poet Thamarai. One relating the Earthquake cum Tsunami in Japan and another on resignation of Strauss Kahn from the post of Chief of IMF both about aiding Sri Lanka Government.



The following lines in the poem refers growth of cancer on those who announced false ceasefire in the final phases of Ealem war.

Let cancer grow
In those mouths
Which shamelessly announced
False demands for cease fire
Let you vomit blood
Whenever you open the mouth.

It may be recalled that Sonia’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi went to prison to meet Nalini one of the assassin of Rajiv Gandhi . People are of the opinion that the merciless attack by Sri Lanka on the unarmed civilians happened after that meeting and it was only to get the head of LTTE Chief Prabakaran at any cost.

The Tamil nationalists very often refer that the personal vendetta of Sonia Gandhi against Prabakaran went against the whole Tamil community which they would call it unfair.

The ill effects of the curse by Thamarai has hit Sonia. It is also now speculated that one of the close relative of DMK Chief M.Karunanidhi too is affected by Cancer! But they would not believe in such curse if it is true, for those who follow E.V.Ramasamy Periar, this is superstitious.


The following is the full text of the curse:


O India
So many atrocities
You committed on my Tamil Race

In so many ways we begged moved
Fell at your feet ,cried, and self immolated
In vain.

For You who turned deaf ears
I have a last word to tell

On seeing our infants
Wilted and died out of hunger, I
With swollen eyes Delirious sleep
Untied hair, out of my inner blaze
Throw a Black curse
From the land of Kannagi

Grown on the rules of Kural
Living a righteous life
I can sing a Virtue

You made me to call you a demon
From the same mouth
Which called you Mother
We are not the same anymore.

O India
You supplied weapons
Sent spy crafts
To drop bombs
Descending on innocent heads
Let your head explode
To hundreds of pieces.

For the souls of our children
Died asking for a drop of water
To rest in peace
Let all your rivers dry up
For a century to come

Let your clouds quickly disperse
To far away lands

You pushed us to run
For a handful of Rice
Let your fields and forests
Burn down
Whichever grains harvested
Shall go waste

You chased our people
Like herds
Let all your mountains
erupt like volcanoes
to become a mount of ashes

O the devils who mercilessly
Dropped chemical bombs
Let your blood dry
Let your smell
Burn your neighbors too
Let your foes surround you
To take away your sleep

Let bombs explode
Strewn with bodies
Let all your streets
Become a grave yard

Let cancer grow
In those mouths
Which shamelessly announced
False demands for cease fire
Let you vomit blood
Whenever you open the mouth.

You ruled sitting over our skeletons
Let your chairs

Let your men become impotent

Let the wombs of your women are torn

You humiliated our people
Wander nude
Let your parents turn mad
And run on the streets
Tearing their cloth

You tortured our youth
Sending electric shocks
Let the lightning and thunder
Fall on your head.

You celebrated from the
Palaces of Sinhalas
Who raped our sisters
Let your food turn toxic.
And Let your women
sleep with neighbors

You cannibals
Let all your nerves
Stretch out of your body

Let no grass or plant
Ever crop out of your soil
For another millennia

Let tsunami erupt
To take away all.

Let your place disappear
Let it be destroyed
With nothing forever.

(PS. I cannot curse your babies
Wherever may be
Babies are just babies

When our babies cry
Let your babies smile
Let your babies smile)

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  • ram naidoo said:

    I firmly believe the curse is taking effect.

    China has experienced some major catastrophies within this time. Though India too has suffered, I am afraid there’s more to come. Let us pray our idiot politicians will try to rectify the situation and redeem themselves.

  • Dees Pillay said:

    curse is working, Pakistan flood , one million homeless. India had more air and rail crashes than ever before in its history. karma is catching up.