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Demand to shut down Sri Lankan High Commission in Chennai

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(TruthDive): The Civil Society against War Crimes and Genocide – a Chennai based Human Rights group has demanded to close the Sri Lankan High Commission in Chennai. The group is conducting an on-line petition campaign with this regard.

The following is the text of the petition in which the history of Eelam freedom struggle is explained in brief and the reasons for closing the SL High Commission is explained.

The homeland of Tamil speaking people is spread both in India and Sri Lanka.

In India the Tamils are living with dignity and equal rights. They have their own state and legislature to rule themselves. In Sri Lanka Tamils who had their own state before the arrival of Europeans were pushed to become second class citizens when they became minority after the establishment of present Sinhala state in 1948.

Tamils in Sri Lanka who were subjected oppression, violence and state sponsored terrorism took up arms for their independence struggle when they found their peaceful methods failed. The Sri Lankan Army aided by external forces resorted to genocide of Tamils which culminated in the massacre of more than 1,40,000 Tamils in 2009 alone. This has been taken note of the world. The Expert panel appointed by United Nations have found credible evidence of war crimes against Sri Lankan Army. A television channel in Europe has exposed the war crime evidences. After seeing the cruel blood bath of Tamils in their neighborhood the Indian State of Tamil nadu has passed a resolution requesting the Indian Government to impose economic sanctions on Sri Lanka. All the political parties in Tamil nadu are demanding international war crime investigation.

The Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka are separated only by few miles across the sea. In this narrow sea area more than 500 Indian Tamil Fisher men were killed by Sri Lankan Navy and thousands are disabled by them. All these incidences point out that the Sinhalese have declared Tamils as their enemy. After committing so much of crimes against Tamils a Sri Lankan high commission is functioning in Tamil Nadu with anti Tamil political activities. This high commission is involved in manufacturing opinion and campaign of lies in favor of Sinhalas. The Sri Lankan mission in Tamil nadu has become a thorn in the flesh for Tamils. This has to be removed.

We request the Government of India to order and close the Sri Lankan high Commission in Chennai to respect the sentiments of Tamil people living in India

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