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War crime case filed against Lanka`s deputy envoy

[Zee News, Sunday, 25 September 2011 22:00 No Comment]

(PTI) Family members of the LTTE rebels have filed a case in a New York court against Sri Lanka’s deputy ambassador to the UN Maj Gen Shavendra Silva, accusing him of committing war crimes during the last phase of civil war.

However, the country’s powerful Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said Colombo would use the case to highlight the "atrocities" committed by the Tamil rebels to the world.

The widow of LTTE’s self-styled ‘Colonel’ Ramesh, Vathsala Devi and another named Seetharam Sivam, whose father had died allegedly due to army shelling, had filed action in the district court of New York against Maj Gen Shavendra Silva who is also Sri Lanka’s deputy Ambassador to the UN.

They accused Silva, who led the Army’s 58 division in the final battle against the LTTE, of committing war crimes.

Silva who needs to answer the plaint within 21 days told the Sunday Times newspaper, "I am willing to face whatever allegations are made against me or those who served under my command in any court anywhere in the world".

The lawsuit would give Sri Lanka a good opportunity to tell the US court of the atrocities committed by the LTTE, Gotabhaya told the newspaper.

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