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India”s SRM University opens campus in Lanka

[PTI, Sunday, 6 November 2011 13:12 No Comment]

(PTI) India”s privately-run SRM University has entered Sri Lanka, setting up its international campus in the capital.

Welcoming the commencement of operations of the Chennai-based university, the Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishath Bathiyutheen said arrival of international education institutions will give the students in Sri Lanka alternatives in higher education.

"SRM”s arrival will help strengthen historic relations with our neighbour India due to the knowledge transfer benefits we will have. I am given to understand that SRM has a wide range of degree qualifications to help our youth to seek more avenues including medical," he said.

The Sri Lankan government is encouraging international universities in the country to woo foreign students despite opposition from Marxist JVP or the People”s Liberation Front student unions.

Unions claim that private universities will violate the essence of free education system in the country.

The government, however, has assured that 20 per cent seats of the international universities to be set up here would be reserved for local students.

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