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TNA for positive conclusion to talks with SL govt

[Zee News, Sunday, 25 December 2011 10:49 No Comment]

(PTI) Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party TNA has said it wants to see a "positive conclusion" to the current dialogue with the government to address grievances of the minority ethnic community.

Amid criticism that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) had been going slow in addressing the issues of Tamil minority, party leader Rajavayothi Sampanthan said it was not possible for the TNA to come out with all details on the ongoing talks with the government.

But, he said his party was "keen to move ahead with the talks to see a positive conclusion".

The Bishop of northeastern Mannar, Rayappu Joseph in a letter to the TNA had found fault with the TNA for its seeming lack of interest to press ahead with the government on various contentious issues like.

Sampanthan said that he had replied to the Bishop that all issues important to the Tamils would be taken up at the future rounds of talks.

The TNA and the government have held 18 rounds of talks so far.

At the last round their demands for police and land powers to provincial councils were rejected by the government. The government has at all times maintained that police powers cannot be granted.

The demands have queered the pitch for talks.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa had asked the TNA should drop its LTTE mentality and refrain from making rigid demands.

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