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Krish And Sangeetha Threatened!

[Behind Woods, Tuesday, 27 December 2011 15:10 No Comment]

image Krish and Sangeetha are under a lot of heat at present. It all started when a group of Tamils in Switzerland organized an event in honor of Krish to be held on January 1st. Sri Lankan Tamils however are protesting as they feel the event was put together by one Karuna who is in alliance with the Sri Lankan government.

The singer and his wife called a press conference to discuss the issue. They said that their friend, Rangan was organizing the event and there is evidence that the whole thing has nothing to do with the Sri Lankan government nor was there any sort of politics involved. The couple is upset as they are being besieged with threatening calls and emails. Both said they are artistes and are not concerned with politics. Jiiva was also supposed to be a part of this event but he had to cancel his plans following the upheaval.

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