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We are being threatened

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Singer Krish and his actress wife Sangitha say their participation in an event organized by Tamils in Switzerland has led to a controversy

Following reports that singer Krish and his actress wife Sangitha will be participating in a New Year bash to be held in Switzerland, the couple claim they have been receiving threats. It’s because the event is said to be funded by Karuna, who’s highly placed in the Sri Lankan government.

But they aren’t taking the threats and abuses lying down. A furious Sangitha says, "We are actors and not politicians. Performing at shows is part of our job and no one has the right to ask us not to participate in any shows. So, why mix politics and entertainment? Threatening actors without reason has become the order of the day. The last one month has been hell – we’ve been slandered and abused online. We have been warned that we would have to face dire consequences if we participated in the show. But if we don’t protest now, artists will have to continue living under constant pressure from parties and associations who want to exploit us for their benefit."

She adds, "The organizer of the show, Ranjan, belongs to the Tamil Eelam and he will never seek the help of the Sri Lankan government. We’ve called for a press conference in which Ranjan will answer questions through videoconference. We have also submitted documents and proofs of the sponsors for the event. Ranjan is the most affected because he’s now being accused of being a traitor to his own people! Even the posters that he has printed for this show mention the reason behind the event. If that’s the case, how can Ranjan be called an aide of the Lankan government?"

Sangitha continues, "We’ve known Ranjan for a long time. A couple of months ago, Krish was called to perform at an event in Sri Lanka. He agreed not knowing that the event was funded by the Sri Lankan government. After Ranjan informed us, Krish returned without performing. So, Ranjan wanted to felicitate us for standing up for the Tamils." "I went on air two days ago in Europe to clear this controversy. I didn’t do the show in Sri Lanka because I’m a Tamilian. How will I raise my voice against my own people?" asks Krish.

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