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Kamal Haasan On Vishwaroopam And The Khan He Appreciates

[Behind Woods, Monday, 2 January 2012 12:57 No Comment]

image Kamal Haasan is passionate about his new film, Vishwaroopam which he says is the biggest project in Tamil cinema currently. About his decision to direct the film, the actor said that he was not getting any younger and he could not just stand by and let the director waste his dates, so he decided to take over. It will be remembered that Selvaraghavan was supposed to direct the film.

Kamal added that Sonakshi Sinha who was the original choice for the heroine’s role, which is now being played by Pooja Kumar was also sorry that her dates were wasted and it was impossible for her to do the film. So the two had parted ways with the goodwill intact on both sides and both are keen to work together in future.

About the kind of films being made in India today, Kamal said that he appreciates the kind of films that Aamir Khan does and it is such films that keeps his interest in Bollywood movies going.

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