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White Van abductee ‘tortured in police’

[BBC, Friday, 13 January 2012 20:02 No Comment]

Suspect says he was abducted by a group but later turned up at a police detention centre A Tamil Tiger suspect in Sri Lanka has detailed in the court the alleged torture in police custody after being abducted by a white van.

Thyagarajah Prabhakaran, 24, a resident of Puttalam, in a petition to the Supreme Court state that he was abducted by a group came in a white van in Colombo, on 04 February, 2009.

Thereafter, the officers of police Crime Investigation Division (CID) detained him at an unknown location, which he believes could be in Wattala.

While being detained, the suspect said, CID officers hanged him from the legs and tortured using clubs.


Though his left eye was partially blind at the time of the abduction, said the suspect, the left eye is now totally blind as a result of the torture.

In his petition suspect Thyagarajah Prabhakaran requests the Court to order the authorities to release him as he is being detained without being charged for two years and ten months.

The Supreme Court noted that the allegations raised in the petition are of very serious nature.

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